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Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networking

Wi-Fi has revolutionized the traditional wired LAN implementations.  Wi-Fi has exponentially increased the reach of networks and makes Internet access much simpler to offer.

Wi-Fi can be as limited as providing access to a single room, to a business, to restaurant or hot-spot, city wide, campus wide or direct connection between computers.  Although very different in breed and scope, the underlying premise is the same, give access to a network or direct to the internet without connecting via a wire.

Wi-Fi networking has extended the reach of the traditional network, and simplified communications.  The ease of deployment and the ability to make infrastructure limitations obsolete

The many advantages also open up some very real security risks. It is important to properly plan the network deployment and pick the appropriate equipment to ensure the best coverage and provide the best security possible.

Whether a brand new deployment, or reviewing and existing implementation, contact Almeida & Associates today to discuss your Wi-Fi needs.