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Compliance Management (State/Fed/Municipality)

The demand to protect client data has become a hot topic with regulatory agencies and the public alike.  The rules of engagement are a constantly changing landscape.  Along with running their business, companies need to stay up to date on the many new requirements.

Not only are the rules ever changing, the repercussions of non-compliance are also increasing.  Aside from the costly monetary loss due to fines (some running into the millions of dollars), in many cases the media scrutiny is a far greater penalty.  The public relations night mare that can result from a breach can directly lead to loss of revenue, or worse ruining a business.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Almeida & Associates and their partners, continually review Federal, State, County and Industry regulations to develop strategies that answer client’s needs.  So if sensitive customer data protection is a growing concern, then let Almeida & Associates help find a solution that fits your needs.  Whether physical security, policies and procedures, file sharing, or encrypted E-mail, to name just a few, are areas of need, then Contact Almeida & Associates today.