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Cloud Solutions


Organizations understand the first and in many cases last line of defense of their critical data is their backup strategy. To protect themselves companies many times invest large sums of data on equipment, media, and off site storage (i.e. safe deposit banks, or vaulting services.)

At the beginning the solutions meet or exceed the expected need for backups. Due to the ever increasing size of digital files, the need to retain data to meet regulations and the cost of media, firms very quickly are at, or over, their capacity.

It is when capacity has been reached that many of the problems begin. Data goes unprotected, media is left in unsecured areas, or policies are not followed or updated.

Don’t fall into this trap! Leverage the Cloud to best solve your back up needs.

Almeida & Associates offers many flexible plans with low monthly price points to ensure you are protected, compliant, and give you peace of mind today and into the future. 0fferings range from Cloud only solutions to a blend of in-house and Cloud protection.

Contact Almeida & Associates today to request a visit by one of our backup experts. Learn what options are available, how to leverage your existing infrastructure, or let us develop a solution for you from the ground up.

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