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Cloud Solutions

Remote Network Monitoring and Support

Present day economic demands constantly stretch budgets to the breaking point. Organizations are constantly looking for ways to offer better service to both internal users and clients alike, while looking to decrease expenses.

Now help is available to the small firm that doesn’t have any internal IT support, or the firm that has an over leveraged IT staff that needs a tool to help improve their time management. Almeida & Associates offers Remote Management Services as part of our Managed Network Care packages. Let Almeida & Associates monitor key components in your organization and alert you of potential problems before they happen.

Receive monthly reports with detailed information about critical areas of concern within your environment. Reports contain a high level IT summary, with detailed solutions for potential problems. Reports also contain a task list of work done remotely to resolve issues. Examples of reports from Almeida & Associates: Hardware utilization and health, Network Security information, Anti-Virus activity, user activity, etc.

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