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Disaster Recovery Services

How would your company react to a flood, fire, hurricane, blizzard, or theft?  If a company does not have a comprehensive plan in place, the end result could be a closing of the doors.

There are many key elements to a good disaster recover plan.  A good plan will take into account the many options available and invest in the solutions that result in the greatest return.  Some of the many areas Almeida & Associates takes into account when developing a Disaster Recover plan are: secure backup strategies that utilize several different techniques and options; the ability to work from home or a remote location; the ability to virtualize critical systems to the cloud within minutes and resume “normal” operations; proper power protection to gracefully shut down key systems; etc.

The bottom line is to ensure your data is safe, accessible, key personnel can still function at a high level, and clients know you are still in business.  Let Almeida & Associates review your existing Disaster Recover plan.  We can offer suggestions to streamline and enhance your probability of success.  Our staff has many years of experience keeping businesses up and running.  We leverage tried and true approaches with new technology options to protect your business.

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