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Cloud Solutions

Private Cloud Solution

Does the need to offer Cloud solutions fit your company’s needs, but have concerns with space availability or physical security?

Are there needs to install specific scripts or add on modules to software?

Does the need for another server create a space issue within your organization?

Do you have power or cooling concerns?

Then a Private Cloud may be exactly the right solution.

Private Cloud solutions offer many of the benefits of the public Cloud solutions, the main difference is in a Private Cloud is all the services are operated solely for a single company. Some of the key benefits of Cloud computing are lost (i.e. the cost savings of distributed purchases or management), but does add all the superior strengths of residing in a state of the art professionally managed Data Center. The economies of scale associated with facility, security, cooling & power protection are present in a Private Cloud scenario.

There are many solid business reasons for a Private Cloud solution. Almeida & Associates can come in and perform a thorough assessment of your needs and provide recommendations accordingly.

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