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E-Mail Encryption

With the proliferation of E-mail, and the increase of road warriors, meeting the many security guidelines is becoming increasingly difficult. State regulations, regulatory bodies such as FFIEC, the OTC, OCC and NCUA, and other industry groups have all put forth strict guidelines, and in many cases strict punishments.

The days of looking the other way, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Companies found not to be in compliance, or who put critical data in jeopardy, the losses will be both monetary and a tarnished reputation. If organizations, and their business partners, do not encrypt sensitive data sent via E-mail, then heavy fines, public relations headaches, and public and government censure are guarantees.

In light of all this, a 2009 study by Symantec revealed that just over 50% of companies have ensured that all sensitive data is being encrypted when it leaves the confines of their business. A perplexing number in light of all that is at stake.

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