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Cloud Solutions

Storage/ Secure File Transfer

Are your File Servers growing by leaps and bounds?

Is the need to constantly update and upgrade your storage capacity driving your operating costs up?

Do you have a remote workforce that needs access to either large sums of data, or critical data?

Do you need to share large sums of data with clients or strategic partners?

Then Cloud based storage may be a simple way to solve all your problems. Almeida & Associates offers several plans that meet strategic business needs, and meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

Much like the Hosted Exchange offerings, hosted storage allows customers to only pay for the actual storage they need. Additional storage space may be purchased to meet increased demands. Customers do not need to purchase any new hardware, or take up valuable floor space for additional servers, or infrastructure costs. Finally, all the benefits of having a third party manage server maintenance, backup schedules, etc are all part of the monthly fee.

Contact Almeida & Associates for an assessment of your needs, and see if Hosted Storage is the right solution for you.