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Hosted E-mail Solutions

A unified communication platform (global address books, ability to share Calendars, Public Folders, Smartphone integration, etc.) increases a company’s productivity, simplifies communication with clients and internal staff and creates a ubiquitous presence. Microsoft’s Exchange platform is the leading E-mail server for businesses of all sizes, with over 200,000 deployments worldwide.

Fully Hosted Exchange solutions have brought Exchange to a wider audience. Small, mid-sized and many large companies alike are looking to free themselves from the burden of managing Exchange in house. By leveraging the Cloud, companies can offer a more robust solution from day one. Deciding which services to roll out and which ones to phase in over time, due to costs or lack of technical acumen, are now eliminated.

Many small businesses shy away from an Exchange solution due to the prohibitive upfront costs (hardware, software and licensing.) Post installation, Exchange adds significant administrative overhead requiring a great deal of an IT staff’s time. Hosted Exchange improves the Total Cost of Ownership, by creating a predictable and transparent cost structure.

The many hidden costs of Exchange including the ever increasing demand on Backup Systems, Expanding Servers to handle the load, the increased demands on power, and the extra heat created in data centers to name just a few. All of these costs are no longer an issue. Hosted solutions leverage the expanded base to offer expert staff, 24x7 support, superior facilities and infrastructure at no additional cost to the individual company.

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