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Almeida & Associates Executive Services

Strong leadership is crucial in all phases of an organization.  With the every changing technology landscape, having someone in place that can plan, promote & mold the direction of technology investment and support is critical.

In many cases, a small to mid-sized company’s business model makes it difficult to justify a dedicated senior level executive on their team.  Decisions are made to resolve problems as they happen, without taking into account business strategies, or the long term goals of an organization.  In many cases, businesses only spend on IT when a problem occurs.

Almeida & Associates offers top notch solutions for organizations looking for someone to help develop a plan, build a realistic budget and monitor their investment in technology.  We leverage our accumulated experience supporting organizations of various sizes to provide quality working solutions that maximize investment and functionality.  We can quickly review an organizations current status, then craft plans for the short, mid and long term success.

  • Executive IT Management
  • Plan Budgets
  • Map Technology Direction
  • Hire & Train Technology Staff