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Thomas Charles

Thomas Charles
Creative Director

Mr. Charles learned his love of technology from his uncle, who at the time was an executive for IBM. He developed a wide range of skills ranging from hardware to programming. His true love is software and learning how to get the most out of it.

Thomas began his impressive technology career right out of college. He landed a help desk position with a local hospital in Maryland. Several years later he was promoted to Help Desk manager. His leadership and skills helped expand this role until his wife decided she wanted to raise their children near her family in New England. Thomas moved and began working for several well established firms along the Rt. 495 beltway.

In 1999, Mr. Charles ventured out with 4 colleagues and started a software development company that worked exclusively with Fortune 500 companies and developed several Middleware products that bridged legacy systems. Although the firm was doing very well, the partners decided it was time to try new things and sold the fledgling company.

Mr. Charles next tackled the growing hosted E-mail market. He and two partners purchased space and began housing clients Exchange environments and provided managed services if they so chose. Tom learned many valuable lessons during this early “cloud” experiment. The firm disbanded in early 2003, when the data providers became increasingly unreliable.

This led to several short term engagements working for several technology companies. He soon decided that he would rather return to the more satisfying small market clients. He founded the Charles Group, which provided mostly software solutions for small to mid-sized firms from Marlboro to Foxboro. After two years of building his client base, Mr. Charles met Stephen Almeida and the two began to discuss partnership opportunities. They assisted each other with several clients.

After several months, they realized the very real synergies that existed and decided to merge their companies. The Charles Group was folded into Almeida & Associates.

When discussing the merging of the companies, Tom says, “Stephen is the king of analogies, but I feel our combined forces are very much like the Golfer and his Caddie. Each is instrumental to a successful outcome. Almeida & Associates is very much the ultimate team. “

Mr. Charles is now responsible for “the creative element” in Almeida & Associates. He leads up the database and web design teams. He has been instrumental in driving the company into the Microsoft SharePoint arena and is constantly testing new solutions that Almeida & Associates can perfect and deliver to their client base.

In his spare time, Mr. Charles is an avid sports fan. He loves the Red Sox and has been a Patriots season ticket holder since 2005.

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