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Stephen Almeida

Stephen Almeida
Chief Strategist and Lead Consultant

Stephen Almeida, Chief Strategist and Lead Consultant with Almeida & Associates - a 9 person technology consulting firm in southeastern Massachusetts- is a technology junkie since early on. He took some of his paper route money and purchased a TRS-80 (new at the time) and began learning how the different parts worked and learning how to get the most out of the machine.

Over the years, Stephen has let his curiosity carry him and has continued to learn the many different facets that make up technology. He has spent time in various functions trying to learn how all the pieces fit. Some of his many jobs include: running cable, Help Desk technician, programmer, web designer and has built some amazing servers and computer systems. (He was a pioneer in the use of liquid cooling to keep gaming systems fully functional during stressful gaming marathons.)

He has studied Microsoft, Apple and Linux, having earned many certifications over the years. Education is a main component that makes Stephen such a respected knowledge source, along with his ability to roll up his sleeves and lend a hand to solve problems.

Before starting Almeida & Associates, Stephen worked in various fields, in addition to technology. This wide base of knowledge makes it simpler to understand his clients and find solutions that work for them.

Aside from a solid technology background, Stephen has been involved with 4 prior start ups. He has worked in a student support venture, a landscaping venture, a management consulting venture and a photography venture. All were successful in their own right, but working with clients and helping bring technology to them has always been a passion.

Stephen, and his team of 9, strives to be not just a company’s technology consultant, but also part of their inner family. Stephen is fond of saying, “There is no greater feeling, then when a client doesn’t even think about inviting you to their company outings, it is just a given. We strive to be family.”

In his “spare time” Stephen is an avid outdoors man, a fan of the 5 Boston sports teams, and an avid photographer, and writing his very own spy thriller.

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