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David Powell

David Powell
Managed Services Consultant

David Powell is a seasoned veteran with several entrepreneurial ventures to his credit. Among his many accomplishments, he worked in the printing industry for over 20 years. As the years passed, he saw the many innovations grow from mere theories into everyday operation. One of the innovations that caught his eye was the coming of the computer revolution, beginning with the Typesetting machines.

Although primitive in nature, and operation, this was enough for David to grasp the need to follow the times and jump into technology. His curiosity peaked, he began researching the different systems, how they worked, and more importantly how they could improve the quality and quantity of work.

With the advent of the personal PC, lead to David taking a hard look at his future. He began learning the many nuances of the hardware and how the many parts fit together to make a very promising new business tool. He very quickly became a PC hardware specialist, with many colleagues seeking out his input and advice.

About this time, in the early 1990’s, David met Stephen Almeida and a lasting friendship was born. Although, working in different fields, they shared many common interested, not the least of which was technology. They spent many hours learning different elements and remained in contact through the years.

Right around the mid 1990’s Stephen began to put his ideas together and started Almeida & Associates, a small consultancy that he hoped would pay his bills and keep him busy. Little by little, Almeida & Associates began to get busy, and the small jobs began to increase. So by 1997’s Stephen began to regularly ask for David’s help with the custom built PC’s they were building. David would lend a hand when demand was high, and also began to be utilized during implementations and a few client moves.

After several years of “helping out,” Stephen approached David to join the team as the resident system builder, and PC troubleshooter. This led to many opportunities to learn Networking, many different operating systems, and the art of network design.

Now entering the second decade of collaboration, David has become an integral part of the organization. His involvement in the Virtualization and testing phases of the organization has allowed the company to continue to grow into emerging solutions. The marathon sessions both learning and imparting lessons to the rest of Almeida & Associates technical team, are legendary within the company.

Aside from a thorough enjoyment of technology, David is an avid outdoorsman. When not working, you are bound to find him on a boat, in a tree, or exploring nature.

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