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Holiday Parties and Regulatory Compliance

Posted by Stephen Almeida on 27 November 2012 | 0 Comments

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The holidays are upon us and many small to mid-sized business are throwing parties, and gatherings, for their employees and prized clients.  With the holidays there are also many delivery companies bringing flowers and presents.  This helps raise the staff moral and also showcase how revered the company is with its clients, the community and the business world at large.

So what of all of the many regulations that have been imposed on business, such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Massachusetts 201 CMR 17, HIPAA etc?  What has to be done to ensure compliance even during the fun season?

There are many areas that may be overlooked such as - paperwork either filed or put away when the staff is away from their desk, computers lock at specific intervals to eliminate unauthorized access to data, servers/fax machines should be off limits to non-employees.  But the simplest that should happen during these events is to make sure you know where visitors are at all times.  Keep them out of "sensitive" areas, such as server rooms, file rooms, fax/printer areas, or storage.  Minding the visitors will help stop the temptation and help keep you safe and your IT staff happy.

So eat drink and be merry, but do the simple things to keep your organization safe and out of harm’s way!